Jesus Christ was the creator of the universe along with the two other persons of a triune God, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

Prior to birth on earth

Quite a few passages in the Old Testament part of the Bible make it apparent that Jesus Christ was involved in history prior to his birth on earth. Prophetic books of the Old Testament have entire passages that appear as words of Jesus Christ, rather than God the Father.


Jesus Christ was born around 2000 years ago in a little town of Bethlehem, in the country of Israel. He was born to a poor Jewish family. HIs parents' names were Joseph and Mary. Joseph was not His biological father though. His mother is often called Virgin Mary, because Jesus Christ is the only person in history to have been born while his mother was a virgin. There is no logical explanation to that phenomenon, It was a supernatural act of God.


Little is known about the childhood of Jesus. We only have a short passage in the Bible that tells us that He was loved by His townspeople and was obedient to His parents. There is also a story about an incident when Jesus was 12 years old, and His parents took Him to the yearly temple worship holiday. In that story, He gets His parents worried when He remains alone in a big city, as His parents leave for hometown. Jesus was found three days later, debating the temple teachers. He fascinated the religious leaders with His wisdom.

Why Capitalization

Any words referring to Jesus Christ (such as His, Him, He) are capitalized as a token of respect for the deity.

Tell me about Jesus


Jesus lived on earth for around 33 years. During His first 30 years, He was not involved in the social arena at all. Since His father was a carpenter, we assume He was involved with His father's business during this time.

It was in the final 3.5 or so years of His life that He began His social activity. These 3.5 years, however, were extremely busy. He was constantly surrounded by multitudes of people, who came to hear His sermons, receive physical or spiritual healing, or get advice.

Along with many fans, He had many enemies, primarily in the religious circles of His country.


Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, through the efforts of religious leaders who envied His success. Prior to crucifixion, Jesus was tried by two regional ruthless rulers, who found Him not guilty, but were forced to sentence Him to death to avoid public unrest.

Jesus Christ had complete control over his prosecutors, and could have easily avoided crucifixion. This is evidenced by the fact that Jesus had to instill strength into soldiers who came to arrest Him, but fell to the ground when they saw Him.

When his follower Peter, cut off an ear of one of the soldiers arresting Jesus, Jesus healed the soldier. He also prayed so God would forgive His persecutors, as He hung on the cross. This signifies that Jesus had no bitterness towards the people who killed him.

His death was the very purpose He came down to earth. It was the only way to offer people an opportunity to find peace with God.


Jesus Christ is the only person in history, who resurrected and never died again. The probable location of His tomb in Jerusalem, is visited by thousands of people each year, with a desire to see a tomb of the only religious leader in history who resurrected from death.


Jesus appeared to about 500 of His followers for 40 days after His resurrection. After 40 days, Jesus ascended into heaven as his inside circle of 11 disciples were watching.

Is Jesus God?

Jesus claimed to be God in His public speeches. As much as during His time, as well as throughout history, many people believed that claim, and many people did not. Every claim has two possible outcomes. It can either be true, or it can be false.

The truthfulness of a claim can be supported with evidence. Jesus supported this claim in several different ways.

As a prophet, He was able to predict events in the future which sounded very absurd during His lifetime. For example, He foretold the captivity of the nation of Israel and the destruction of the Jerusalem temple. This happened some 40 years after His death. He also implied that He would have followers in every nation on earth. This prediction has been coming through as our history moved from century to century, and there are currently followers of Jesus Christ in virtually every part of the globe.

He displayed His supernatural, godlike power through miracles. He was able to calm the sea storms, walk on water, heal the sick, free people possessed with evil spirits. multiply food in a matter of seconds without any additional ingredients.

His teachings cut to the very soul of people who listened to Him. People are born with a natural tendency to believe God exists, and live with a desire to find God, whether they express it or not. Jesus was able to fill that void in people's hearts which can be termed as a God-shaped hole. A God-shaped hole refers to a feeling of discontent in every human being, as if something is missing. This feeling cannot be removed by anything that can be bought, any idea, or by any person, only by God.

His teachings are universal and cut through centuries of time. These teachings continue to have the same effect on people today, regardless of their geographical location or status. No other religious figure in history has had such an effect on people.


Jesus Christ is the most famous personality in history. He retained this position throughout history, and continues to be the most famous figure today. He is also the most hated person in history. No other name is used more often than the name of Jesus Christ, both positively and negatively.

He has always been the center of controversy, because His teachings are radically different from any human ideology ever devised.

No other religious, political, or ideological system has received more persecutions, deaths, scrutiny, and hatred than the teachings of Jesus Christ. Yet, controversy seems to be the lifeblood of these teachings. The fact that these teachings are so different to any other human ideology, is what draws people to join Christianity. The teachings of Jesus Christ transcend every language, culture, and time epoch, while any organized attempts at spreading Christianity fade with time.


Jesus never wrote a book, and never left any other monument of Himself. His followers, however, have produced more literature on Him than was produced for any other person, event, or idea. We find writings about his life in the first books of the New Testament in the Bible, by his immediate inside circle of students. We also have writings written by students of these apostles, as they have been called. There are historical textbooks written by people who knew the first Christians. This chain of writings about Jesus Christ has continued from generation to generation of Christ followers, until today.


Countless people testify that Jesus appeared to them, either in their surroundings, or while their spirit was taken to heaven. More often, people receive indirect answers to their problems after they ask Jesus for help. In fact, a great number of people believed in Jesus Christ after repeated answers to their prayers, which clearly ruled out coincidence.

One of the promises of Jesus Christ was that He will allow anyone who searches for Him, to find Him. People can speak to Jesus in any part of the universe, aloud or through their thoughts, in any language, in any sentence structure. This process is called prayer. Many people begin praying by asking God or Jesus to show them that He exists. Jesus will always answer any such request that is sincere. He will not answer such request if people ask Him for entertainment purposes, or other insincere purpose.

Most people have prayed to Jesus or God in a difficult situation of their lives. While God answers these prayers often times, people tend to forget these prayers once their problem goes away. 

The most effective way to begin communication with Jesus Christ is to ask Him to fill the void for God in your heart, to help you find peace with God, and forgive every sin that prevents you from communicating with God.


One of the many promises of Jesus Christ was that He will return to earth. He will establish a new civilization on earth, restore our nature to the original perfect design, and destroy death. At that time every person in history, dead or alive, will be judged by Jesus Christ according to how they lived their lives. Since no one is flawless before the holy God, He will be forced to send everyone who has not taken advantage of His offer for salvation, to hell. Jesus Christ will defend everyone who asked Him to forgive their sins and find peace with God. He will save them from going to hell, and give entrance to a new kingdom on earth for eternity.

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