Ramesses Miamun came to power in Egypt in 1577 B.C., according to historian Manetho. The last part of the name seems to have been derived from the name Amenophis. His son after him, and several of his predecessors were called by the name Amenophis. Re reigned in Egypt for 66 years and 2 months. The first part of his name is derived from the word "Moy", which signifies water in Egyptian. Mythologies writers call him Neptune, the god of the waters.

This is that new king who did not know Joseph, and started persecuting Jews in Egypt, because he saw them as a threat. He forced them to till the fields, as well as built several cities. One of those cities was called Raamis, or Ramesis, probably after his name.

Around 1573 B.C. he decreed a law to kill all newborn Jewish boys.

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