This book takes you on an imaginative journey through beginnings of earth history.

Using humorous way of writing, the author tells the story about the first people, from the point of view of Methuselah.

There are chapters on Adam and Eve, Enoch, and Noah.

The book attempts to imagine how much the world before the Flood may have been similar to ours. The author talks about the inventions from today's civilization, as been invented by the pre-Flood civilization. The people's way of life in this book is very similar to the way of life of modern people.

By modern, I don't mean 21st century modern, but a little earlier. The book was written at the beginning of the 20th century, and uses a lot of ancient words that may be difficult to understand. But the humor makes up for that, and makes this an interesting book to read.






I - I am Born and Named

II - Early Influences

III - Some Reminiscences of Adam

IV - Grandmother Eve

V - Some Notes on Cain and Abel

VI - He Confesses to Being a Poet

VII - The International Marine and Zoo Flotation Company

VIII - On the Extinction of the Mastodon

IX - As To Women


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