Dress manners of ancient Egyptians were extremely simple, even among the upper class of the society. There was little variety, and scarcely any ornaments.

Men's clothes

Usually, a single tunic, of probably white color, extending from the waist to a little above the knee, was the only garment for men. Sandals were not known of, so they walked barefooted.

The only decoration they wore, was a chain around his neck, with what looked like an amulet.

In their right hand they carried a long staff or wand, either to help them walk, or to discipline the subordinates. 

For more formal occasions, he would put on a robe extending from his neck to ankles. The chain was exchanged for a broad collar. The wrists were adorned with bracelets. 

Early Egyptians did not have carriages, or horses, not even a mule or donkey to ride on. All travel was done on their own two feet.

Egyptian Women's clothes

If women of most civilized countries claim to themselves most elaborate dressing assortments, early Egyptian women did not wear that much more clothes than their husbands.

They liked to grow their hair long, gathered in three masses: one behind her head, and the other two in front of her shoulders.

Like their husbands, they wore only one peace of garment - a short gown. It reached from just below the bosom to half way down the calf of the leg, and was supported by two broad straps over the shoulders.

Her only ornaments were bracelets.

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