Plan of ParthenonDimensions

Dimensions of the building: 228 ft. long X 101 ft. wide, X 64 ft. high.

The columns were each 34 ft. 3 in. high, and more than 6 ft. in diameter at the base.

The diagram to the right is a depiction of the floorplan of Parthenon.

The ornaments consisted almost exclusively of sculpture of the very finest quality.

About Parthenon

Parthenon can be considered as the highest achievement of Greek architecture.

The temple was a work of architect Ictinus. It was the temple of the Virgin Goddess Athene (Minerva). It was built in the city of Athens.

The Parthenon at Athens stood on the summit of a lofty rock. A series of columns surrounded this building, and at either end was a portico, eight columns wide, and two deep. The whole building stood on a basement of steps.

The building was made primarily out of marble. The roof, out of timber, covered with marble tiles.

Apostle Paul delivered his sermon to the Athenian intellectuals under the shadow of this very building.

Ruins of ParthenonRuins of Parthenon

Sources:"Architecture Classic and Early Christian" by Professor T. Roger Smith, and John Slater

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