The rule of Hyksos in Egypt and who was Joseph's pharaoh

The rule of Hyksos invaders in Egypt, and a possible answer to who was Joseph's pharaoh.

Egyptian Pyramid Builders

Egyptian pyramids where greatest achievements of human architecture, this article covers the construction of the Great Pyramid, and the Second and Third Pyramids.

Amenemhat and what he did to prevent famines in Egypt

Egyptian King Amenemhat's actions to prevent famine and drought which happened to Egypt sometimes due to irregular behavior of the Nile.

Abraham in Egypt

Some historical details about Abraham's stay in Egypt as he was looking for a refuge from the famine.

Cause of the first invasion of ancient Egypt

What was the cause of the first invasion of ancient Egypt, and what was happening in the region prior to that.

Did ancient Egyptians believe in the after-life?

The short answer is, yes. Now, let's look at what went into that belief.

Did ancient Egyptians believe in the One God

Here's something I learned about ancient Egyptians that gives another hint to the idea that the original human race was monotheistic.

Ancient Egyptian social class system

Social ranks in Egypt were divided somewhat sharply. And here's who belonged to each class.

Founder of Egypt

An article about the founder of Egypt, the city of Memphis he built, and his other achievements.

Clothing of early egyptians

What we know about the clothing styles of early Egyptians, from the things we know about Egypt during the reign of pharaoh Seneferu.

Rights of women in early Egypt

Position and rights of women in ancient early Egypt, relation to their husbands, their marriage arrangements, etc.

Ancient Egyptians: animal worship to the extreme

If you thought your neighbor worships their pet too much, have a read about ancient Egyptians.

How did ancient Egypt form

An article to answer the question: What helped ancient Egypt to form and flourish.

Ancient Egyptian culture

What was the culture of ancient Egypt like? Where they the serious philosophers or more laid back?

Ramesses, Egyptian king who gave Israelites a hard time

Ramesses was the Egyptian king who persecuted the Jews. He is believed to be the king behind the mythical began god Neptune.