The was no seclusion of women during the early years of Egyptian history. She is always found next to her husband in paintings that come down to us. She is his associate in all occupations.

Her subordination is shown by her figure drawn to a smaller scale, behind the figure of her "lord and master". She is drawn seated on the same chair, however. There is no indication that she is considered as insignificant or simply a plaything.

She was regarded as man's true "helpmate," shared his thoughts, ruled his family. During their early years of marriage, she had the charge of his children.

Polygamy was unknown during the times of early Egypt. Even the kings had only one wife.

Women were entombed with as much care, and almost as much pomp, as men.

There was no law preventing women from becoming a pharaoh. And, as a matter of fact, women became pharaohs several times, during the history of Egypt.

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