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History: Facts or Narrati...

An oft repeated statement(s) pertaining to History states something to the effect of: “If you do not know History, you are doomed to repeat i

Why Sodom and Gomorrah we...

About the life of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, from Genesis and other ancient texts

The Inca Empire - their f...

Incas were the largest empire in pre-Columbian America, with its boundaries stretching much farther than Peru today.

Is Genesis based on ancie...

Here are some differences between the ancient religious writings and Genesis, which hopefully answers the question whether Bible copied from the older religions.

Helena, mother of emperor...

Empress Helena, pioneered legalization of Christianity in the Roman empire, visited and restored holy places in Jerusalem, had a city named after her, and gold medals carved with her effigy (sculpture

Who were Phoenicians?

Phoenicians were people of eastern Mediterranean, occupying the region of modern-day Israel, Syria, and Lebanon, before Israelites settled in Canaan.

Rise and fall of Assyria

The kingdom of Assyria existed in the Mesopotamian region as early as 2000 B.C. During the tenth century B.C., they began expanding their territory, to gain control of trade routes and get rid of bad

Mycenaean civilization fr...

Mycenaeans began their history on the Plain of Argos in eastern Greece. When their civilization in Greece collapsed, they conquered the island of Crete.

Minoan civilization on th...

The name Minoan comes after a legendary king Minos, who supposedly founded their civilization. The Minoans became rich through trade. They used the wealth created through trade to develop towns and po



Middle Ages

Roman Empire